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Sound engineering involves creative and practical qualities of sound.  With solid experience and a vast knowledge and study of these qualities we are able to breathe life into the visual creativity our clients produce.

Our final mix studio utilises the latest in technology with Pro Tools HDX and HD Native, Waves plug ins, a 24 track controller and we offer full 5.1 surround sound mixing with Dolby E facilities.  The studio is designed around the principles of acoustics, creating the space to record sound with absolute precision. With that in mind, both the control room and the vocal booth are soundproofed and strategically fitted with absorption and distribution panels to allow the room to respond to sound in the most favourable way.

We can connect with anyone anywhere is the world using Source Connect ir ISDN and have strong relationships with studios in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.
Our back ups are all cloud based for extra measure.
We use technologies in a creative manner to produce epic sound design and post production services and the studio offers voice over facilities for film, tv, adverts and other media.



Just as soundproofing and sound absorption panels are strategically placed around the studio for the most desired and accurate sound recording, so our couches have been tactically placed to ensure our clients can experience their sound production viewing in professional comfort.

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